Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ever feel like life sort of happens, and some where in the chaos of things you begin to lose yourself? You fall into routines and the things you once loved to do are only a memory of what once was.
I love my life don't get me wrong. I am happily married, my husband and I have two wonderful boys who keep the smile on my face. I enjoy spending time with my family, but when I get mommy time I normally end up cleaning, or watching Grey's Anatomy. Not that cleaning isn't important, but I'm supposed to be having mommy time.... Me time! I do enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy, but I used to do so much that I no longer do.

I used to write, poems, and songs..... I honestly haven't written in years.
I used to play the keyboard. Never had a lesson, I play by ear, and teaching myself notes. I know tons of people who play better than me and I would NEVER play in front of them due to embarrassment, but I once enjoyed playing the keyboard.
Organizing- I still organize, but now it has become a HAVE TO and I miss the days when it was FUN!
Reading for fun- I miss the days when I was able to sit in the shade on a warm summers day and read a book just for fun. I miss being able to read without having to constantly mark my page and get distracted by something else, by the time I come back I have to re-read what I already read because I took so long taking care of other things that I forgot what I already read.
Shopping- This one I REALLY miss. With the economy the way it is and me being a stay at home mom I get to grocery shop and that is about it. Besides shopping was always more fun when you had a friend to come along. I don't have friends the live close to me.
Card making and scrap booking- I used to sit for hours and make cards and work on scrap booking memories. Now I have no work space besides the kitchen table. I have to clear it off for meals, and homework, etc.... I barely get my stuff set up and ready to go and I have to pack it all back up and put it away again.

 It sounds like I have a long list of complaints doesn't it? Well I intend to start doing the things I once loved and enjoyed. It's a part of who I am. I am going to MAKE time for me to do the things I once enjoyed doing. I want to enjoy them again.

What are some things that you enjoy doing? What are some things that you used to do but no longer feel like you have the time to do them? Will you join me in making "ME TIME" again?

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