Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keeping busy

              I hope everyone is doing well. Thought I would update on how things are going here. We are getting ready to start Soccer, and have some pretty exciting things coming up in Cub Scouts. We also have a few activities that our local library offers that we plan attending to.

First off Friday 22nd we are having a pack meeting with Cub Scouts. Saturday We have a full schedule with a Cub Scout trip to plant trees in the morning, an Easter egg hunt at the park, pictures and crafts with the Easter bunny, and an early childhood literacy fair. Sunday will be my oldest sons first Soccer game (which he is super excited about). Monday 25th we have reading buddies at the library after school, and a Den meeting with Cub Scouts. Tuesday we have Puppy Tales at the library ( my son really enjoyed this the last time, and can't wait to do it again). Thursday 28th we have LEGO time at the library.

Saturday April 6th is Pine Wood Derby Districts (Which we are still getting ready for. ) Sunday we will have another soccer game. Monday April 8th begins SPRING BREAK for my oldest son. Hot wheels racing at the library. (Can't wait to see my sons face!) Den meeting the same night, and finally..... April 13th my youngest turns 1 year old. :-(     I have all most all of the planning finished, I just have to pre-order his cake.

On top of all that I have to find the time to get a much needed car wash when the weather permits, and a long over due oil change. All the while I am still working on re-organizing parts of my house, and it is driving me crazy that it is moving so slowly! Going through things takes forever, but it must be done, because you can't organize junk!
                                                       Until next time! God bless you all,

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