Saturday, April 20, 2013

How do you keep a 6 1/2 yr old boy organized?

Hello everyone,
                             I hope that your day is treating you well. Here at our house my son is currently throwing a fit in his room because he can not find his library card, (I have a kept the big card, and gave him the key tag for his key ring. ) I keep trying to tell him that if he keeps things organized and puts things back where they belong when he is finished, he won't have to spend so much time searching. This is very different from me, because I try to stay organized. As a mother of two boys, if I am not organized my day falls apart. My days are full of schedules, and lists. (And yes, I make time to put the lists down and spend that quality time you can never get back once it's gone) I realize that he is just a child. I realized he is a boy, and boys are way different than girls. We have tried storage bins with pictures on them so he knows where to put things when he is finished. I normally find everything under his bed or thrown in his closet. He even has a chore chart that he completes and gets paid so much for each chore completed. We also let him earn things like choice of restaurant if he gets so many stickers, or choice of a fun activity like bowling or mini golf, etc...  So I have to ask....  Does anyone have any advice on how to get, and keep my son more organized? The charts were working for a while, but lately he is even slacking on those! Thanks for reading! Until next time, God bless!!!!


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