Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Fun Festival

Hello everyone,
                     Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today our local library had a car show and a family fun festival. My kids had never been to a car show, and my oldest REALLY enjoyed seeing all of the old cars. He was really excited to get to vote for his favorite car as well.

The family fun festival had games that the kids could play and win prizes. Candy, stickers, or a small toy. My oldest played every game they had. First he played mini golf, then he played launch the frog onto a lily pad (you have a rubber mallet and have to hit a lever to launch the frog and try to land him on a lilly pad), football toss (Throw a football and try to get it in one of the holes), knock em down (bottle bowling basically), ring toss, color roulette (The kids spin a big color wheel, and get a prize. There is a different prize for each color), perfect pair (Try to bounce a ping pong ball into a mason jar), Velcro darts, swimming ducks (rubber ducks in water, the kids pick a duck and there are different prizes that are given for each number on the bottom of each duck), Dino Dig (The kids dig with their hands in the sand and find an egg to win a prize), Tic Tac Toe (With a twist, kids have to throw balls and try to make a tic tac toe), and finally match the color ring toss ( different colors of 2 liter bottles, try to throw the matching ring onto the matching bottle).

After we played every game they offered, we made our way over to the snack area. There was a band playing, they were serving popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy. My son is still scared of cotton candy (there is a very funny story that happened at a birthday party we went to once, he has been afraid of cotton candy ever since) I am very thankful that our library has programs like this that I can take the kids to. They can have fun and enjoy themselves, I can relax a little bit, and meet and talk with other moms. I hope they do this again next year. If they do, we will be going. I can't wait! Thanks for reading! God bless!
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