Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chores break through

This morning I had a break through! For a VERY LONG time I have argued with my 6 1/2 year old about cleaning his room, picking up his toys, etc. I had to keep reminding him of what I wanted him to do. This morning I wrote a list of things that I wanted my son to do. I gave him a pen, and told him to mark off each chore as he completed it. I didn't see him for quite a while, so I went to check on him. I almost jumped for joy when I saw that he was very busy working hard to accomplish the tasks I had wrote down for him to do. To my surprise he was almost finished.

I have tried everything I could think of before and this seems to work for now. I asked him what was different between this piece of paper, and his chore chart, or me just asking him to do something, and he said it was the fact that he could do what he wanted from the list, in the order that he wanted, and in his own time.

AH HA MOMENT!!! and of course a WHOO HOO MOMENT!!

I explained to him that there might be times when I would NEED him to do something first, or in a certain order. He seemed to be okay with it, but only time will tell. Until then I am enjoying actually having him do what I ask of him without an argument, or the constant reminder of me nagging him about it. I am seeing major progress already. It's like night and day!

How do you get your kids to do their chores? I would love for you to share your ideas. Can't wait to read them! God bless! Until next time, Amy

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