Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lazy day

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Life gets so hectic sometimes that we forget to stop and take a deep breath, and enjoy the little things. Schedules back to back, house work never ending ( especially if you have kids).

Today I didn't do anything productive. I simply spent precious time with my kids. We watched tv and popped popcorn. Cuddled up on the couch together, and just had a lazy, relaxing day. It was great! 

Now don't get me wrong.... My to-do list was quite full for today. There are just sometimes that you have to take a break from it all, push things aside that can wait, and spend quality time with the ones you love. 

My oldest and I have had out popcorn / movie nights for a while. Usually once or twice a week in the summer when schools out, and once a week, on the weekends during the school season. 
But I love the idea of doing it as a family too. So on one of my husbands days off we have voweled to have a lazy, relaxing day. 

Family time is very important. How do you and your family spend quality time together? Do you ever just push your to-do list aside and opt for a lazy day with your family?

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