Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nature Valley Product Review

Hello everyone,
 I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunny weather. So as I mentioned before I am a BZZAGENT which means I get to test and review products for free. Whoo hoo!! We LOVE free things!! The newest product I have tried is Nature Valley soft baked oatmeal squares. Both cinnamon brown sugar, and peanut butter were sent to me to sample.

I have to admit that my oldest son 6 1/2 yrs. tried a piece as well, because lets face it, if mom has food I want it, and if it's going to be in this house I want my kids to like it too. Well we both agree that the peanut butter is good, but the cinnamon brown sugar was our favorite. They are soft and chewy. There isn't a crunch to them at all, which I LOVE! I am having trouble staying out of the box of samples that I am supposed to pass out and tell people about. They are delicious!! Because I am supposed to pass them out I will, but you'd better believe that as soon as I find them in the store I am stocking up!

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