Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Forgotten Savior

We have all had that one friend who claims they will always be there. Time passes and they only call you when they need something, or want something. That is exactly how America is treating God. Those of us who have been there, know that it can be painful and hurt your feelings, or make you angry. How do you think God feels?
When something goes wrong we question why God why? When we need something we don't hesitate to ask God for it. If he answers the prayer according to our plans we think everything is great. If his answer is no, I have something greater in store, we think God must be mad at us, or he must have turned his back on us. I saw a church bulletin I will never forget. It said God doesn't just want weekends, he wants full custody. He wants us to always trust him, in good times and in bad times. Yet we continue to push him away. We have already taken him out of our public schools. Now the government wants to take him off of our money. Why? Because we are afraid it will offend someone. I wonder how offended those people are going to be when Jesus comes back for his children? They're not! They are going to fall to their knees begging The Lord to take them with him. When they stand before The Lord on judgement day because they have denied Christ, he will deny them in front of his father. It's time to wake up America and put God in charge of things!
Thank you for reading! God bless!!

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