Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Organizing dresser drawers

How many times have you opened your dresser drawer only to have the top drawer pull out too? How many times have you tried to close it but it ended up looking like this....? 
There is a simple solution to this problem.
It works with shirts, pants, shorts, etc. you can fold your clothes and stand them up like this...
Stacking only items that will not stand easily. 
I also like to use dividers 
For little items like this, it is easy to stack them. For socks that always seem to get messed up in a drawer I like to use drawer organizers. This organizer was found at IKEA. 
Now putting laundry away is a breeze, and anything that gets messed up doesn't take too long to straighten. 

How do you organize your drawers to make it easier to stay organized? Feel free to post pics to share with us. 
Keeping organizing simple here at Simply Amy! 

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