Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to organize a shared closet

Hello everyone! When I was pregnant with my youngest baby, my husband and I decided that he would share a room with his brother. We have 3 boys. Our oldest who will be turning 8 in a few weeks, a 2 year old and a 4 month old. We felt like it would be better to put the younger ones together and let our oldest child keep a room to himself. At least for a while.
Now this is kind of embarrassing but I always try to do a before and after picture. So here is the before picture........

I couldn't handle the chaos anymore! It wasn't organized, it was hard to find things. I had to move things around to find things. And yes I even bought diapers once when I thought I ran out, only to later find a pack in the closet that was hiding.
So I decided to do something about it.
First things first. I took EVERYTHING out of the closet. I've always wondered why you have to make a mess to clean a mess. It just sounds backwards doesn't it? I laid everything either in the crib or piled it on my bed. (Trying to keep the 2 yr old out of it)
Next I purged everything that I no longer needed. You CAN'T organize clutter! When I was finished throwing things out and getting rid of them I was able to organize what I had left. So far I have to say it is working great for us. Here is the finished product.......

2 yr olds side. Fall / Winter wear on top. Regular t-shirts hanging low so he can help pick out his clothes in the morning. (This saves us from a ton of tantrums) Also his suitcase (which also houses the 4 month olds over night diaper bag inside) His diapers, and clothes he is getting ready to grow into. (There is a box of clothes under the shirts)

This side belongs to the 4 month old. Pretty much the same idea on this side. All of his cloths hang on top. The storage bin on the middle shelf holds blankets. On the bottom we have more diapers, and clothes he is about to grow into.
This picture shows napping mats. (We use these for sleep overs, naps if we babysit someone, and camping) Swimmers diapers, extra wipes, diaper genie refills, and clothes the kids have outgrown or are outgrowing that get boxed up.
In the middle you will see a carousel organizer that holds shoes, crib and toddler bed sheets and pillow cases, receiving blankets, and burp cloths.

Down below we have extra toys that get rotated, and a few that the 4 month old isn't quite ready for yet, but will soon grow into.
This might not work for everyone, because everyones organizing style and needs are different. But I hope this helps give someone ideas about how to organize their childrens closets.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,
                                                     God bless!

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