Thursday, August 6, 2015

How technology has affected us

We see it all around. People walking down the street with cell phone in hand. People driving and talking or texting. I have even heard of people on facebook while driving. Human interaction has totally changed forever. We sit in the same room and text each other, or totally ignore each other, because we are too busy playing on our phones, or playing video games. We lose sleep because we are laying in bed playing on our phones. (shamefully raising hand)

We don't write letters we send e-mails, we can pay bills, check our bank account balances, update facebook and twitter, pin new ideas on pinterest. (I could lose hours of sleep doing this and usually do )and now we can do it from our smart phones. We can download the latest app or game, or read a book with our kindle app.  We have instant mobile gratification right in the palm of our hand.   

 Video games are becoming so addictive and people aren't exercising as much. I've even read about people gaming for days and forming blood clots from sitting for so long. One person even died because the blood clot went to his heart. Scary! 

Kids are playing violent video games and thinking they can do those things in real life and have no consequences. It's sad! Kids today don't know right from wrong like we did, because their parents are too busy playing video games, and texting. They sit behind computer screens and yell at their kids, or ignore them all together. 

I realize that NOT all parents are like this, so please don't start sending me hate mail. In reality, our world has changed forever because of all of the technology. I beg of you to please limit yours and your child's screen time. Whether it is video games, t.v., cell phones, etc..... Spend quality time with your kids. Teach them about the fun things you use to do as a kid. Maybe even unplug and have a no tech day or weekend if you dare!

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