Friday, January 25, 2013

To home school or not to home school that is the question?

Anyone out there home school? My husband grew up with both home school and public schooling. I think there could be pros and cons to both.
My son has been having issues at school and I am starting to wonder if pulling him out of public school for a year and home schooling him might help. He says he hates school, but honestly what kid doesn't at one point or another. I honestly think he will say he hates school even if he is home schooled. My concern is not with him liking or not liking school. My concern goes much more in depth, his social skills, his education, the possibility of him getting kicked out of school if his behavior continues.
His teacher has told me multiple times that he is above average, and is with the higher level group of kids when they split up into groups. Yet he has trouble concentrating, trouble paying attention, even at times acts out in class. As a parent I am embarrassed to even admit it. I feel like I have failed my child. My husband and I have tried different things to punish him for his behavior in school. Nothing seems to work. He will go most of the week in green (good behavior) and all of the sudden he will be in pink (the worst color, gets a pink slip sent home, after the second time he gets sent to the principal, and detention.... if it should occur again he could be suspended.) I can't believe my child is acting like this. What is worse I don't know why. If I don't know why I can't fix it.
I got a call from Tyler's teacher and we talked about 30 minutes. She asked if anything had changed at home. I told her his best friend moved away unexpectedly the day after Christmas. Tyler has been acting out at school since he came back from Christmas break. She thinks it might be because of this.... if it's not then we aren't sure what is causing it.
She said he had some problems before Christmas break but they are much worse now. So I have considered pulling Tyler out and teaching him at home to monitor his behavior myself. I would still keep him in Cub Scouts and play groups, etc....
Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone else been there done that? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi there!

    I know that times are hard. I recomend asking Tyler what he wants: public school or home school. But make sure he knows that mommy would have to be a teacher, too. That means no fun and games. I would also suggest that you wait until he gets suspended, and make his time at home miserable throughout his suspension so that he realizes that his actions at school aren't supported or condoned in the least!

    I personally agree that he could be acting out because he misses his friend, however, it may also be that he is bored in class. See if the teacher is willing to let him work on higher level worksheets after he has finished his in-class assignments. That way, he has something to do when he finishes his seatwork rather than just sitting around.

    One final thing: I'll be praying! :) Prayer makes all the difference in the world! I'll pray for change in his behavior and wisdom for you, your husband, and the teacher. The most important thing here is for you to be a team with his teacher. Good luck!

    Oh, and I was homeschooled and loved it! But ask your husband, it takes self-motivation to succeed in homeschooling. Either that or you'll pull your hair out.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your comment. I think you make some very good points. I will take this into consideration when my husband and I make our decision. I do think that right now we are going to keep him in public school. I really want him to learn to make friends, and more importantly I want him to learn that he MUST follow rules.