Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Separation anxiety

Hello all,
                  Hope everyone is doing well today! Now I know that most parents have heard of separation anxiety, if you have not you probably soon will. I have been dealing with my 10 1/2 month old having a terrible case of separation anxiety. Some days it is almost unbearable for me because he screams if I leave the room to go to the bathroom. When I say scream I mean it sounds like he just fell and busted his head or something. Some days if I walk more than two feet away but remain in the same room with him he gets panicky. I love my son but he is driving me crazy when this happens. It makes it very hard to do much of anything else, but I have his brother to take care of, a husband, and an entire house to keep picked up.

    When this first started happening I just strapped him to be wearing the baby carrier. (Which I think may have done more spoiling than I realized, but it worked) I have to be careful how much I wear him. He is almost 20 pounds and I have been having trouble with my sciatic nerve causing lower back pain to the point to where even picking him up gets challenging at times. I have to be really careful, so that I do not injure my back further.

     My husband and I have rearranged our entire house, so I now need to go through and reorganize, and go through the boxes of things like nic nacs and papers, etc.... I feel like at times were are moving back in to our apartment with the boxes everywhere. I would really like to get this finished but with my son not able to let me out of his sight it is very difficult. I have been trying to do a little after his brother gets out of school and they are playing, but I have to stop and make dinner, and help with homework, and I don't want to totally ignore my kids to get this done. I have been trying to work on it at night after the kids go to bed, but not getting very far very fast.

  So from one desperate mother I am asking for any ideas you may have? Please feel free to comment below. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.
                                                                                  Until next time,


  1. One day at a time, and let each box take a week. Slow and steady will likely win the race this time. Praying for you!

  2. Thank you for the prayers! They are always greatly appreciated! I am a little embarrassed to say that even though our house is almost back to normal, we still have a few boxes to go through. I just haven't had the time with Cub Scouts, and getting ready for Soccer, the regular up keep on the house, the mountain of laundry that I didn't feel like folding while I was sick needed great attention. I have even fallen behind in my couponing :-( Which I need to get caught up on before payday! The constant running here and there is great sometimes because it keeps me busy, but when I am sick like I have been, it takes me forever to get better. I have had this stinking cold since the beginning of March. In the mean time I have been trying to exercise and get plenty of rest to get better, so I can finish this place. Honestly it is driving me crazy. So it needs to get done soon.