Monday, February 4, 2013

Time for a change

Am I the only one who has the winter blues? I am tired of the cold, and tired of the snow and ice. I am MORE than ready for Spring to get here already. Anyone who knows me knows that I spring clean like crazy. I am itching to start, but I don't want to start certain things like shampooing the carpets until the snow is done for the season. I am how ever ready to start going through things and throwing out old, unused items and get new, or just simply have empty space.

My husband and I took some measurements today and went to a few furniture stores to begin getting ideas of what we want. I am honestly excited for this. I am ready for change. I have to say that without even realizing it my neighbors inspired me to start. I'm not proud of it but it actually started out with me having the "green eyes monster". Plain old fashioned jealousy. I know that I am not supposed to be jealous or want what others have, but I am a human, and I am not perfect. Therefore I sin like everyone else and I had an awful case of jealousy today. So much in fact that it put me in a sour mood for a while. Then I got to thinking why be jealous? My husband and I have nice things, and we have more than most people have. Why not just change the things I don't like? So that is our plan. We are using this year to make changes. I say "year" because I know it is going to take time. Nothing happens over night. I feel better now that we have a plan and are moving forward.

Have you ever had a visit from the green eyed monster jealousy? What are some of your experiences? I used to hate the idea of change but it's starting to grow on me the older I get. How do you handle change?

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