Thursday, May 23, 2013

A change of plans

Yesterday was my oldest sons last day of school. We took my husband to work with the anticipation that we were going to his soccer practice right afterwards. I think mother nature had other plans.... We were rained out. While disappointed my son realized that there wasn't really much he could do about the situation. Earlier in the day while cleaning out my purse I found a certificate that had slipped out of my planner, for a free small pizza from Snappy Tomato Pizza. He earned this last year for becoming a new Cub Scout. Oops!!! Glad it didn't have an expiration date on it. I couldn't bear to see the sadness and disappointment on his little face so I surprised him with his very own pizza. He loved that it was just his size, and it was all his, and he didn't have to share (Even though he was a sweet heart and shared a piece any way)

Once the pizza was gone we decided that when my youngest went to bed it was time to tackle the oldest childs bedroom, which also led to tackling the closet. I must say it's amazing what two hours of sorting action figures, army men, LEGOS, coloring books, and crayons; throwing broken toys and trash away, and reorganizing can do to a room. His room looks great... for now! I know he is a kid so I am not expecting it to stay this way very long. But hey I can dream a little!

I am hoping to reorganize my younger sons bedroom and closet very soon. This is a bit trickier unless my husband has a day off to help watch him. He took his first steps around 12 month, each day he has been taking more and more steps it seems like. Well.... Yesterday he kept walking everywhere. So it's official.... He is WALKING!!!  HE is also into EVERYTHING!!!!! He pulls all of his books off from the book shelf, dumps all of the toys, throws food onto the floor just to watch it drop and see what mommy and daddy will do. Fun times with a toddler! He is learning cause and effect without realizing it. What happens if I drop this? What happens when I climb on the couch? (Mommy freaks out) Boys seem so fearless.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! God bless each and everyone of my readers!
Until next time,

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