Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby/toddler proofing an apartment

Hello everyone!

                       I hope everyone is having a great day. I am at a loss, and I am reaching out for any ideas you may have. We live in an apartment. Our youngest son is just over a year old. Our apartment has very strict rules about not drilling into the cabinets (for baby safety locks, etc) At first we just put a big play yard up to block off the entire kitchen (problem solved!) . Until now... Our son has been crawling for a long time now and is now starting to take a few steps here and there. We have found out (and had a few minor heart attacks) that he is a very good climber. So we have closed the play yard. Basically is it a huge circle right now for him to safely play in. At times I wonder if he feels like a caged bird. When he has toys in there, it doesn't seem like a whole lot of room for him to try to walk. We had to block off the couch because he was climbing up onto it by himself, and walking, or jumping on it. My mommy alarms went off and I decided that I needed to take immediate action before he fell and seriously got hurt.

Once in a while for a change of scenery we take him to play in his bedroom which also has a gate up so he can't get out and roam in the hall way, bathroom, or his brothers room (Where it's basically LEGO land). He loves when we are able to play with him and let him out to play with the tupperware on the kitchen floor, or when we close all of the doors and let him crawl up and down the hallway from the living room to his bedroom (While following him of course) I am running out of ideas. I have blind cord baby proof things that you roll the cord up inside of and it keeps it out of his reach. He can reach the door handles now but they are not round door handles. We have french lever handles on our doors. I have never seen them on bedroom and bathroom doors until we moved here. How in the world do we make it safe for him to not be caged up all day long in his play yard? We have a few baby gates that we can put up, but besides that all we have is outlet covers (which I already went crazy and started putting in way before he could crawl) My cabinets don't have any handles on them so how am I supposed to keep him out of them without keeping him out of the room entirely? I am open to any ideas that anyone has. Can't wait to read your comments.  God bless!
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