Friday, May 3, 2013

While I'm waiting

Hello everyone!
                            Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Things have been very busy around here lately. My oldest has had a lot going on with soccer practice, games, and Cub Scouts. My youngest turned one last month, and he is testing his boundaries. He has started climbing up onto the couch by himself, and needs constant watching. He is trying to walk, so far the most he has taken is three steps before falling, I know any day now he is going to just take off walking.
He has started wanting me to rock him for his naps again. I used to be able to lay him down and he would go right to sleep. While I don't mind rocking him, especially because I know they grow up so fast, and soon won't let me rock him anymore; it does make life interesting at times. He has started saying "No no!" Wonder where he got that from? Oops!
I am happy to say that I think I finally found a great church for us to attend. I can't wait to go back, and see what God has in store for this Sunday! I have been a bit down and depressed lately as our car is having issues, and I was depending on our state taxes to fix it. Well our state taxes came yesterday FINALLY! My neighbor actually brought it up to me and said she just about opened it, not realizing that it wasn't her name. I guess the mail man put it into her box by mistake. My heart was pounding and I ran in to wake up my husband, and tell him the great news.... We can finally get the car fixed!! Then I opened it! My heart sank as it was NO WHERE near the amount we had expected. We used Turbo tax, and long story short, because we were multi-state  and turbo tax didn't take that into consideration along with taxes and so on, we didn't get very much. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for the amount we did get back. It's just no where near what we need to fix the car. I was hoping to get the car fixed, and take a trip in to visit my family, but now it looks like that can't happen for a while. I know God has a plan, and he will provide. I know it has to be in his time. Sometimes I just wish he would clue me in on his plan a little bit earlier. I guess that is why we have to have faith. Trust in him to provide.
I have been putting in application after application, and still nothing. I have tried to find the kids an affordable, but good quality daycare, but still I am getting no where. The daycares around here want $110.00 per child per week. I can't afford that, even with a job. I added up how much I would make both full time and part time on minimum wage, there is NO way. It would take my entire check and then some. I would literally be paying for someone else to watch my kids. I know other parents work, my question is how on earth do they afford it? We have one car we share, since my accident that totaled my car, we can not afford to buy another car. I keep praying for an answer. Right now I'm waiting! I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs, it's kind of perfect for my situation right now. God Bless! Until next time,

While I'm waiting By: John Waller <--------------- Click the link to hear one of my favorite songs
I do not own any rights to this song or video, just sharing a great song.

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