Thursday, June 27, 2013

Organizing- Baby steps

People ask me all the time, How do you stay so organized? Well I will be the first to tell you that I love to organize, but I feel like I am the least organized person I know some days! With two boys under the age of 10 life gets hectic around here. The house always has toys every where during the day when the boys are awake. I have stepped on hot wheels, LEGOS, and G.I. Joes. By the way I wish this on NO ONE because those little suckers hurt on bare feet!!

The best advice I would have for someone who wanted to get organized is Don't try to do everything in one day! You are just going to over whelm yourself and frustrate yourself even further. You need to break it down a bit. First you want to choose just one room at a time.
Get rid of anything in that room that is trash, things you no longer need, things you haven't used in a year, and don't plan on using in a year. For me this is my old clothes. I hate getting rid of my old clothes. My hope is to fit back into them some day, but for anyone who has had kids, you know it doesn't really matter now much weight you lose, you never seem to like the way your older clothes fit afterwards. After you throw old things out, you have to start picking up the pieces of what is left, and create a system that works for you. What works for me, won't work for you! Make it simple, and if it doesn't work change it.

Something I learned the hard way, just because you organize it once, doesn't mean you will never have to organize it again. We have a very busy schedule most of the time. Just as we have to clean our house, we have to re-organize. Sometimes what once worked, isn't quite working anymore so we need to change it.

Think of a baby learning to walk. The baby first learns how to scoot, crawl, cruise, and then you get to witness those first breath taking steps. Each day more and more steps until finally one day they get up and walk like they have always been walking.

When you are organizing you need to take baby steps. I once heard that it takes 11 days to form a habit. I am not sure how true this is, but I do know that repetition and discipline is very important when trying to create a new habit. If you get something out you have to put it back so you will know where it is the next time you need it. I am trying desperately to teach my oldest son this lesson. He loses EVERYTHING!!! I keep telling him that if he put it in the right place he would be able to find it. He is getting better about this.... slowly. It may take you longer to get used to a new routine than others.

You have to try to get excited about it. Trust me if you get excited about it, it will be a lot easier. I know when you look at piles of clutter it's not exciting. But imagine what it will look like when you are done. Excited yet? Imagine how simple it will be to find things you need without having to search for hours on end. If you use baby steps to get organized you CAN make organizing work for you!

If all else fails get a friend to help you out, or hire a professional organizer! Even then it will be your job to keep it up afterwards. Happy organizing! God bless!

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