Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tire troubles

Hello everyone,
 I hope you all have managed to stay dry. It seems like it has rained here just about every other day! My oldest son just finished up his swim lessons a week or so ago, and I wanted to take him out and practice with him, kind of go over what he had learned, and keep his mind fresh. The rain has spoiled those plans.

Life has definitely thrown a lemon or two our way the past few weeks. Some time recently we had picked up a nail in our tire. I had noticed the tire looked a bit low, but since the pressure gauge said it was fine, I didn't worry too much. Saturday I took the kids and returned some library books and movies. On our way back out I noticed the tire looked like it was pretty much flat. I called my husband and told him that it barely had air in it, and that I was going to try to drive it home and hope that it made it. He met me outside, looked at the tire and took it to the gas station to pump it up, that's when he noticed the nail. We called and found a place open on a Saturday at 4:30 in the evening and he took it in to be fixed. Unfortunately the nail was too close to the side wall, so NO ONE will even touch it unless it's to replace the tire. UGH!!!
So today we ordered the new tire, and go tomorrow to have it put on. Until then the fix a flat is doing its job of holding air inside. 

I have learned how to put air in a tire, and use fix a flat. Not sure why I waited so long to learn, but I recommend that every woman know how to do this. Just might save you a headache down the road.
Thanks for reading, God bless! Until next time,

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