Saturday, July 12, 2014

In Gods time

As a parent we have all felt at one time or another that we just can not do anything right. Especially if you have little ones running around. I have a 7yr old, a 2 yr old, and an almost 3 month old. There are times when I feel defeated and I just feel as if I can't do anything right. Do you ever wonder if God often feels this way about us? I mean we complain about everything! Before you go getting upset and telling me about how God will never be defeated (I already know). Please hear me out.
Here is my example:
My husband is a truck driver, and today he was picking up at a company about 30-40 minutes from where we live. When he got there he was told that the system had crashed and would probably take two days to fix. Part of me wanted to jump for joy and say come home please come home, until he told me that he was not allowed to leave his truck for more than a few minutes to go pick up some food to eat. My first thought was great he is stuck in his truck for two days and can't come home. My second thought was if he is at the pick up point but they can't release the load because of the system crash, he will only be getting detention pay (which is not much but better than nothing) rather than CPM (cents per mile). He ran the idea past me that maybe the kids and I could meet him for dinner. At first I was against it because the kids weren't ready and I was a mess literally. I smelled like baby formula, and Lord knows what else. My hair was a mess just thrown up in a bun.
I decided that seeing my husband was just what I needed to turn my day around. After all when your husband is a driver you take what ever time you can and spend it with him because you never really know when you will see him again.
I quickly threw myself together and freshened up, got the kids ready and in the car, and started driving. I get on the interstate and I am in stop go traffic right in the middle of rush hour. "Great" I thought, as I shook my fist at heaven.  About half way there I get a call from my husband telling me that the system was fixed and since the load is already behind because of the system crash in the first place, that he didn't have time to meet us, and he was sorry but he had to go in order for his load to be delivered on time. Once again I shook my fist towards heaven, and had one of those "Really God" moments. 

Then I realized, when I was worried about money before God made a way to fix it, but it still wasn't good enough. I started to wonder if God ever felt defeated the way I often do when nothing is good enough for my kids. It reminds me of my two year old, everything has to be his way, and he wants it right now! Sometimes I give in, but most times I end up letting him throw his fit and we work things out when he is calm.
When we act like a bunch of toddlers, do you ever wonder if God steps back and says "Okay, you throw your fit and when you're done I'll be here waiting and then we can talk." Friend I am here to tell you that what ever you are going through there is a reason. Stop acting like a toddler, stop throwing a fit, and give it to God. If you place your trust in him, he will change your life. If you place your trust in him he can work miracles in your life. We have to realize that God wants what is best for us because we are his children. The same way we all want what is best for our children. We just have to stop, and be patient, place our trust in him, and he will guide us through. It has to be in Gods time. We can't have everything we want, when we want it. God knows our future, he already knows what tomorrow will bring. He knows if you're going to have a bad day or a good day. He knows if you are going to be happy or sad. He already knows what trials and tests you will face. I'm telling you if you will give him your worries he can and will turn your test into your greatest testimony!
Thank you for reading and God bless!!

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