Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tony's Pizza Review

Tonight for dinner we had Tony's pizza. Our cheese pizza was free thanks to The pepperoni pizza was $1.00 off.
Personally I liked the cheese pizza better, but I have always been that way. After having kids I get heartburn way too easily so I have to be careful what I eat, and how late I eat it. However I did try both. The crust was a little crunchier than I prefer, but not bad. The sauce, cheese, and pepperoni were excellent.

 My 8 year old said "I don't know who Tony is, but he sure makes some good pizza". He is right! Tony's pizza tastes great! Tony's pizza was first perfected in Salina, Kansas at Tony’s Little Italy pizzeria in the 1960s.

TONY’S Pizzeria Style Pizza is 30% bigger — large enough to feed your whole family! Each slice delivers a crispier, crunchier crust comprised of light and flaky layers, along with sauce made from real tomatoes. Then it’s made with real cheese and covered in mouthwatering toppings.
Tony's pizza is the perfect go to dinner when you're a busy family and rushing around. It only takes 17 minutes to bake once the oven's preheated. Trust me, ,it's worth the wait!

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