Friday, October 23, 2015

Philosophy Review

I am a Smiley360 agent. I recently received and tried for free the microdelivery vitamin c peptide peel from philosophy!

Philosophy pioneered a next generation medical microdermabrasion procedure that rapidly resurfaces as it replenishes the skin with vitamin c.
The microdelivery vitamin c peptide peel is a two-step, in-home peel that resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyperpigmented and aging skin. what makes this next generation microdelivery vitamin c peptide peel so revolutionary is that unlike peels of the past that only exfoliated, this peel delivers peptides and vitamin c to the skin as it is being rapidly exfoliated. it is resurfacing and replenishing the skin at the same time, which is a new approach to skin rejuvenation. best of all, it involves absolutely no downtime.
the two-step process:
• step 1 - vitamin c/peptide resurfacing crystals - apply a teaspoon amount to clean, dry skin. once applied, crystals should appear almost like a mask. gently massage in a circular motion over entire face for up to 60 seconds, avoiding eye area. do not scrub. (use less pressure for sensitive skin.)
• step 2 - lactic/salicylic acid activating gel - place a generous teaspoon amount in the palm of your hand. massage gel onto fingertips, and apply on top of crystals. as activator is applied, a warming sensation will occur. white foam will appear, indicating activation. leave foam on 2-3 minutes to infuse vitamin c and peptides into the skin. (you can massage foam for extra exfoliating benefits or let it sit for sensitive skin.) rinse thoroughly. (you can use a washcloth for removal, to avoid getting the peel in your hair).

After using this product my face felt lighter, cleaner, and I did have a little bit of redness, however after it went away (about 5 minutes later) my skin looked great! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new skin care regimen. Let's start making skin care a priority!
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