Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Airheads candy fun and review

As you may already know, I am a smiley360 Agent. Recently I received and got to try for free the airheads crafting kit. Basically we get free candy and tools and all we have to do is play with our food and show step by step how we made what ever we crated. Easy right? My kids and I had so much fun and honestly we ate way too much candy. However it's good to have fun and indulge once in a while. So as you can see in the pictures below these were our creations. I hope you enjoy!
The pumpkin sucker 
Cyclopes man with rainbow scarf on a stick
Christmas tree with gifts 
Pot of gold and rainbow 

I would totally do this campaign again. My kids and I had so much fun. We laughed at our silly creations, and spent some wonderful family time together and made some great memories. Thank you Smiley360 and airheads. 

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