Monday, January 18, 2016

Why it's important to have a Command Center

Why command centers are important and why you need one

When you're a mom, life can get a little crazy. With work schedules, school schedules, sports and other activities, bills that need to be paid , appointments and meal plans; there needs to be one place to write it all down. A command center helps organize the schedule chaos! It is important for everyone in your family to have access to it and be able to check it daily. Here is our command center calendar. I normally have things thumb tacked to the cork board part as well. Reminders, etc. However I took them down for privacy reasons. This hangs in our kitchen where the whole family (those who can read any how) can read it daily and see what is going on.
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As far as menu plans go. Here is what we use for a weekly view for our family.
Personally I carry a personal planner with me everywhere I go. That way I have all of this with me, and if I need to schedule something when I'm out and about I can pull out my planner and see when I'm available. However, it is crucial that I keep everything updated in both my personal planner and the command center so that everyone knows the plan and we don't over schedule or double schedule. I also have a place in my planner that shows what meals we are having for the week.

Creating your own

Creating your own command center is very simple!
You have to find what works best for you and your family. You could use a wall calendar 
and hang a pen or pencil near by. You could make your own here 
or you could buy a dry erase calendar.
Hang it in a location that everyone will see. Most command centers are in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where each and every person in your family will have access to and see the calendar each day. As long as your kids can read, they will have no excuses. Here are some other accessories you might hang in your command center. Here are some more command center ideas for creating your own. Remember what works for someone else might not always work for you and your family. Tweek it and make it your own. 
Do you have a command center?
How do you keep track of your families schedules and appointments? 

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